Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

COVID-19! Are we Done Yet?

Afrah A., Age 8

( This piece has been accepted for publication by the South Asian Digital Archive)

I can’t wait to go back to school and hear the voices of everybody laughing and talking as loud as a lion’s roar, everyone having fun! I can’t wait to smell the delicious food in the lunchroom and, the best part of all, to eat the salty nachos or sometimes stretchy and cheesy pizza and all the other yummy food. Oh, I can’t wait to touch my first library books and read them. Oh, and I (really) can’t forget the bright playground. The fresh air is so nice there, like the smell in the rain forest. I especially can’t wait to see my new teacher and be in third grade!

I am social distancing with my mom, dad, and sister, Zaara. One thing that really surprised me about this experience is that I am taking school virtually. I have never done this before. It’s also surprising that I can’t meet my friends or my teachers everyday. I’m sad that I can’t meet them everyday and I am surprised that we have to stay home. I also am surprised that we can’t go anywhere else, for example, to the park or the mall.

This pandemic made me realize that it’s important to wash your hands because a virus is like a hitchhiker and can spread easily.

I can’t wait to stop being socially distant from my cousin Humaira because we would have so much fun together. My mom, or sometimes her mom, would drive us to fun places. In the car, we would play music and we would happily and noisily chat. We would go to the best places ever. Once we went to a water park and it was so much fun. The water was really cold at first, but then we got used to it.The water was smooth and crystal clear — as clear as glass.

Some moments I want to remember a year from now are when my sister first learned biking in ten minutes and my first day of fasting for the Islamic month of Ramadan for this year. I was so excited to fast on my first day of Ramadan for the year. My mom woke me up for suhoor, the time when you wake up before dawn to eat so we won’t be that hungry in the day. I didn’t eat much because I was sleepy. Then I went to bed, and when I woke up I was very hungry and asked for breakfast. Smiling, my mom said, “your fasting, remember!” My tummy was growling. I was hungry already, as hungry as a lion. When it was time to break my fast the table was full of delicious food. I ate a little and then went to pray.

During this period, my time is being spent studying a lot. In the morning, at nine o’clock, I have a tutor. It’s on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My tutor is very kind and she teaches just the perfect level for me. I love doing class. It’s so interesting and my tutor’s name is Mrs. Yeager. Every morning I’m ready for class with all my things like pencil, paper, laptop, erasers, and white board.

She teaches me reading skills, writing skills, science, social studies, and math. For reading, she makes me read, and teaches me if I do anything wrong and for writing she’s making me write a story right now,and for everything else I haven’t started yet. I am also practicing piano. I have a 88 key piano. My piano teacher, Mrs.D, teaches me on zoom. I only do it on Monday. I have to get ready 5 minutes early because every time something goes wrong with the meeting password! I like doing class and I like doing piano.

If you go somewhere in the car, like out to go to a park, when you come back home, try to open doors with your elbow and wash your hands. Remember you have to use soap. Are you listening? You must use soap. Or you might get coronavirus!