Docs Caught Preying On the Disabled

Katie Strignano was severely disabled and lived in a state run home. She started gaining weight, drooling, getting rashes, and pulling out her hair, all of which are abnormal. Her mom was concerned and she found out that the staff, who were often not properly trained in medication dosage, were giving Katie, her daughter, excessive amounts of treatment medication to make her easier to control. Overuse of psychotropics, the type of medication often given to those with disabilities in state homes, is known to worsen a patient’s mental illness and quality of life in the long term. Katie’s mom discovered that high dosage medications were being used to tranquilize patients, leaving them sedated.

The New York Times article, In Treating Disabled, Potent Drugs and Few Rules described the mistreatment of the mentally disabled in state homes. I was shocked this situation occurred. It is disappointing to see that some healthcare professionals think of their mentally disabled patients as burdens.

The doctor’s main goal is always don’t hurt, then help. What I read does not comply with that at all. Doctors giving the mentally disabled excessive amounts of potent pills have caused many deaths. This horrible system of “treatment” has been allowed to continue, and doctors do not face the deserved consequences. Before reading this article, I wouldn’t have known situations like this occurred. It’s sickening to see that topics like this are kept under the radar, hidden.

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